Spring fashion is always about color, but this year women have some alternatives to the traditional florals. Prints are bold and bright and most often strong graphics (remember Pucci?), or take their cue from African, Indian, Greek or Navajo motifs.

“The great thing about the spring fashion trends is that you can adapt them to what looks best on you and fits your lifestyle,” said Susan Huston, fashion coordinator for the 20th annual Colleyville Women’s Club fashion show. Her special “wardrobe magic” section during the fashion show on March 11 is a how-to on adapting the runway fashions to your figure type.

Jackets are back and flattering to almost any figure. While you will see the cropped and shrunken look, you also see blazers and collarless styles, said Huston. Pair jackets with anything from jeans to your work wardrobe.

Skirts are fuller with the hemline treatments like ruffles and pleats. Skirt lengths are all over the place. “Fuller-figured or petite women can wear a version that looks good on them. Look where the fullness hits on your body; select a length that is flattering” Huston said.

The nautical look is in, said Huston, but keep it as an accessory. Don’t dress head to toe as if you are going to sea. Wear sea-worthy buttons on a jacket, but don’t add the nautical earrings, she advised.

“The spring fashion trends provide inspiration. We all look to spring as a time to emerge from winter’s darker shades and dress with more color. The spring looks are a guide, but the wide choices provide an opportunity to enhance our individuality. We don’t have to include it all in our closet. Everything doesn’t have to match,” Huston said.


Patsy Miller
Special to the Star Telegram (Panache magazine)