Susan is featured in the Ask the Expert column in the Your Style section of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The reader asks what constitutes appropriate attire for an outdoor wedding in March. The wedding begins at 7 p.m. and is to be held at the Dallas Arboretum. The reader wonders if, because it’s before Easter, a spring look would be inappropriate. Susan replies:

“Because the wedding begins at 7 p.m., dress is more formal than for an afternoon wedding. However, because of the outdoor setting, keep your look a little less formal than for an indoor black-tie event. The wedding is in mid-March, prior to Easter, so don’t wear a floral spring cotton outfit. You can still wear black to an evening wedding; just add a splash of color with a sweater, handbag or shoe in a bright color. As another option, you might choose a jewel-tone dress rather than the popular little black dress. With a jewel-tone color rather than a pastel color, you will still look fashionable, yet appropriate for the season. Instead of cotton or linen, staples of spring and summer, choose a crepe, silk or similar fabric blend.”