Recently I spent 21 glorious days in Italy and France and experienced wonderful insights as to what is fashionable and fabulous in Europe. Typically, there is a bit of a lag in the arrival of Europe’s latest fashions. Read my tips now so you can be ahead of the fashion curve!

Here’s what I spotted on the streets, in stores and in the display windows of stores throughout Italy and Paris for 2012 fashions:

  • 1. Tops and dresses with the high-low hem treatment–higher in the front and lower in the back.
  • 2. The color orange, orange and more orange! Also brighter colors like red, lime and royal blue.
  • 3. Short shorts over tights. Popular look on the streets of both Italy and Paris.
  • 4. Bigger bolder earrings. Chandelier, long drop and over sized geomagnetic shapes are everywhere along with statement jewelry, the bolder the better, in gold, silver, fabric, plastic, feathers and beads making lots of fashion impact!
  • 5. Cuff bracelets in unusual material–woven plastic, spun like gold and silver, chain, polished brass and leather.
  • 6. Black and white fashions and accessories, crisp and fresh any season.
  • 7. Looks reminiscent of the 70’s wooden heel clogs and shoes, soft bow-tie blouses and lots of lace.
  • 8. Pleats showing up on skirts, dresses and blouses. Even on some blouse sleeves.
  • 9. Hip flattering peplums on jackets, skirts and dresses.
  • 10. Woven leathers, patent, painted and textured on purses, belts and shoes.

Click on the Italian photos to see what I discovered as I traveled Italy. Or click on the France photos to see what fashion finds I discovered in Paris.  I hope you enjoy my fashion finds!







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