Susan Huston Fashion Concepts was founded by Susan Huston, who is North Texas’s leading fashion, beauty and etiquette expert, celebrating 50 years in the world of fashion as well as business etiquette areas. Susan offers a variety of services for those wanting to strive to improve their personal skills, as well as coordinating fashion shows and providing personal fashion consulting advice.

Susan's Services

Virtual Modeling 101 Workshop

An innovative virtual workshop for aspiring models, ages 13 – 18 years.

Saturday Series Workshop

An etiquette, skin care, wardrobe/modeling workshop for children, pre-teens, and teens, ages
8 – 14 years.

Fashion Show Production

Fashion Show Production

A fashion show producer who takes the art of fashion coordinating to the next level.

Fashion/Wardrobe Consultant/Stylist

Using 50 years of fashion, teaches clients how to coordinate wardrobes for their budget and lifestyle.

Business Etiquette Consultant

Focuses on teaching professionals how to improve their business etiquette to make better impressions.

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