Business Etiquette

Susan uses 50 years of experience to teach etiquette and professional image. She has served a wide range of clients from the Texas Rangers Baseball Rookie players to Miss Texas. Her training ensures her clients learn proper etiquette and professional image to achieve success in the workplace.

Susan Huston’s Fashion Concepts’ personal skills and etiquette workshops focus on teaching professionals to learn how to compliment their professional skills with good social skills and to make a better professional impression. Her workshops are outstanding. A wide range of organizations have sought Susan’s advice, from Fortune 500 companies such as Bell Helicopter Textron to individuals such as insurance executives, each wanting to insure they or their employees project the right image both professionally and personally.

Susan has taken her workshop across the county and throughout Texas. At the Texas Municipal League, Susan taught mayors, council members and professional staff the importance of good business manners and in the desert of Nevada, she taught etiquette to executives of the International Association for Exposition Management Convention how to use social skills to advance their professional careers.

Susan has taught a wide range of clients from the Texas Rangers Baseball Organization Rookie players to Miss Texas, business etiquette and wardrobe skills to make a better impression off the playing field or to competing in the Miss America competition, Susan’s training is beneficial to not only professionals but to individuals who are seeking to improve their business and social etiquette skills.

Some of the things participants will learn include:

  • How the Way You Speak and Carry Yourself Can Make a Positive and Lasting Impression
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Table Manners
  • How You Can Be Nice and Still Get Ahead in Your Career
  • What Your Work Wardrobe Says About You
  • How to Manage Embarrassing or Awkward Situations in the Workplace
  • High-Tech Etiquette: The Importance of Telephone, Fax and E-mail Manners
  • And much more!

I look forward to providing you and your organization with the knowledge and confidence to conquer your field of professionalism.

Pricing varies per client needs.