Decades of Making A Difference

I started teaching 10 children etiquette and good grooming in Arlington’s Town North Library in 1971. I organized my first official charm school for Leonard’s Department Stores later that year. Next came four more schools in various Leonard’s store locations.

In 1974 Dillard’s Department Stores purchased Leonard’s and my workshops grew over the next 26 years into workshops in nine Dillard’s stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I began Girls&Style,Girls&Beauty in 1997.

For nearly 50 years, my staff and I have guided more than 41,000 children, pre-teens, and teens by providing them training in etiquette, good grooming and modeling.

During those years, there has been 328,000 workshop-hours taught; 500 fashion shows; 82,000 cheeks blushed; 13,500 runway feet walked and over 400 articles written about my program.

I had the pleasure to work with students who have grown into adults and had children who they sent to me to
learn the same things they learned when they took my workshop: How to use etiquette, good grooming and modeling skills to gain more confidence in whatever endeavors they choose in life.

I am delighted and honored to have helped those who believe in themselves by knowing what to do and when to do it in every social and business situation they encounter. It’s truly been a rewarding and wonderful ride!