What to Wear Workshop

Susan’s “What To Wear” Workshop focuses on teaching women and men how to find fashion that compliments their body shapes and style with current fashion. Susan will give you the tools to get your best fashion look while spending your fashion dollar wisely. Susan will share the knowledge she has gained from 50 years of experience in the world of fashion, manners and etiquette.

In this fun and informative afternoon session, you will learn what your wardrobe should include, today’s trends, personal styles and mini make-overs provided by make-up pros. Explore new ways to accent and flatter your body type and dress with ease even on a budget!

Susan’s Instructions

You will receive tip & beauty sheets and a fashion forecast.

Susan’s workshops are fun and informative, and will polish your wardrobe and etiquette skills to guide you from home to the boardroom. Several times each year, Susan holds workshops designed to enhance your the personal style and maximize your potential. Susan’s workshop is the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Learn from Susan’s rack of clothing about which clothing works best for your body type. During the workshop, Susan will divide the group into smaller groups so that you will get some one-on-one time in your group for on-the-spot tips just for you. The workshop is designed to entertain you and teach you business etiquette and wardrobe skills.

Additional Material Includes:

  • Correct Ways to Dress for Success
  • Tricks to Stretch Your Wardrobe
  • Accessories That Work with Your Body Shape and Type
  • Etiquette Trends for Today’s Fast-Paced World
  • Proper Introduction, Handshake, and Eye Contact Techniques

Pricing varies per client needs.