Susan Huston Fashion Concepts is Turning 50!

To celebrate her 50th anniversary in fashion, Susan is offering digital, one-on-one virtual sessions in modeling, etiquette, wardrobe and more.

Get 50 years of Susan Huston’s expertise…. 50 minutes for $50!

Whatever your interest is and wherever you are, Susan will share her expertise with you for 50 minutes for this special time and price. This is a limited time offer, so sign up today!

“Over the last 50 years, my career in fashion and business etiquette has taught me so much about the worlds of fashion, styling, and business manners. I have a passion to share my knowledge with others to stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, etiquette and beauty techniques.”

-Susan Huston

These special one-on-one sessions with Susan are her way of celebrating and sharing the work she has done for the community during the last 50 years. In 1971, Susan developed her first etiquette class held at one of the Arlington Public Libraries in Arlington, Texas. During this time, her scope has grown immensely and now what started in a community room in a library grew to her teaching 41,000 young women throughout the North Texas metroplex. Now during her 50th anniversary in 2021, she taken her expertise and is bringing it into your homes through these exciting virtual sessions.

Whether it’s a fashion update, a refresher course on business etiquette or, just maybe, you need the eye of a fashion stylist to help you clean out your closet or shop for your figure and lifestyle, Susan is here for you via the wonders of the digital age.

Check out the virtual session options below. Sessions can be combined or personalized to meet your specific needs. Additional time per session can be added if desired.

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One-On-One Session Options

   Modeling Coaching and Advice

If you are wondering how to get started in modeling or you want to dive deeper into the industry, this is the session for you. As a former Kim Dawson model and fashion show producer, Susan knows the modeling industry inside and out and what is essential to have a career in modeling. This one-on-one virtual session can cover topics such as how to get an agent, perfecting your runway way walk and tips to be a professional model.

Wardrobe Makeovers

In this virtual session, discover how to dress for your body shape and lifestyle. It can be difficult to find clothing that compliments your lifestyle, budget and shape but Susan is here to give you the tools to discover how you can successfully you add confidence and gain your very own style! Learn how to find looks that flatter your body type and style, how to stretch your current wardrobe or add a few missing pieces and how to use accessories to update your look.

Etiquette for Children,
Pre-Teens, and Teens

Susan taught more than 41,000 children, pre-teens and teens over the past 50 years as director of Leonard’s and Dillard’s department stores charm schools and, subsequently, as the owner of Girls&Style,Girls&Beauty and Saturday Series Workshops. Her 2021 virtual program is designed to meet the needs of children, pre-teens, and teens with a one-on-one session. Popular subjects are dining with a complete table setting set, how to make introductions, social party manners and netiquette—cell phone, today’s tech manners to navigate through today’s evolving world.

Clean Out Your Closet

Organizing, assessing and cleaning up your old wardrobe can be fun with Susan in your closet, virtually of course! This session will teach you how to become more organized and arm you with a strategic shopping plan to improve your existing wardrobe. You will leave with a list of “must haves” to complete your outfits and update your wardrobe Susan will even check out your current accessories for what’s “in” and what’s “out.” Discover how to become a smart shopper and better dresser, all while saving you time and money!

Wardrobe Shopping

Take the uncertainty out of your next shopping spree with this session. Discover great fashion and wardrobe advice from Susan without the hassle of heading to the mall or store. If you don’t have time for a shopping expedition yourself, Susan’s virtual consultation is perfect. After your consultation, she will shop online for you, armed with your sizes, lifestyle knowledge and style. She will send you links of her recommendations to view, then you can meet digitally with her so she can teach you how to put the looks together. You can finalize the purchases and have your new wardrobe arrive with one click of the button!

Mother of the Bride/Groom
Special Occasion Shopping

Struggling to find that perfect mother of the bride or groom outfit? Try this virtual consultation session to make that special day a little easier. Here’s how it works: You fill out the consultation form and return it to Susan via mail or email with a photo of yourself. She will email you her recommendations for gown styles and shapes best suited for your body time, wedding style, type and price range you desire. She will find your look right down to the perfect accessories and shoes. You can virtually work together to finalize the looks. You will look perfect without that extra shopping stress as you walk down the aisle as a beautiful mother of the bride or groom.

Business Etiquette

This session focuses on teaching professionals how to improve their business etiquette. Susan will design a virtual session to meet your specific business and etiquette needs. She will work with you one-on-one or as a group. Here’s some of the most popular areas Susan covers to fast-track you into a more professional you: The do’s and don’ts of table manners during those important professional lunches and dinners; how to manage embarrassing or awkward situations in the workplace, the high-tech etiquette of e-mail, cell phone, zoom meetings and social media manners; how to use manners to make others feel at ease and act more professional in the workplace.

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