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Dear Ms. Huston,

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful experience of the girls workshop. My daughter Ellie LOVED it ! We look forward to participating again next time . She also enjoyed helping with the bridal show in Granbury , please keep us informed of any other similar opportunities . She is very interested in fashion and would like to do more things like she did in your class . We will definitely do the extended workshop next year!

Thank you! Janet Crawford


Susan I wanted to congratulate you on 45 years of success with your business. I was amazed at how many kids to teens you have. It was the cutest thing ever!!! I hope I did well in the show Saturday and I hope that everything over all was wonderful for you. Congratulations again and talk to you soon.


Congratulations also on 45 years! You are an amazing woman who has inspired many woman and girls of all ages throughout the years! May you continue to be blessed in your business for years to come!

Joni Smith

Absolutely, amazing woman with such charm and wit, and the brightest, warmest and prettiest smile in the room. And a “real and beautiful heart” on top of all that. Congrats on 45 years and kudos to you for serving all those girls. You are truly amazing and an inspiration!

What a fun day! Had Susan Huston’s 45th anniversary, Fashion Show at the North East Mall!

Shirley Cox Martin

Girls and beauty and girls and style, thanks for teaching me so many things I didn’t know! CONGRATULATIONS ON 45 Years and many more!  To end it we surprised Susan with a dinner. Thank you Susan for 3+ years of girls and style.

Julia Cashion

I was so happy to attend Susan Huston’s fashion show today as an alumni in her 45 years of teaching runway & print modeling. Well in all honesty she has taught me much more than that. Going into her class I was without any confidence and was unsure of what the world held for me. Thanks to her, I realized my passion in the fashion industry and gained the confidence to go out into the world and chase after what I love. I could never be more grateful, as this is one of the best gifts I could ask for. Thank you for helping me find myself.

Former student Grace Auten

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for allowing Jazmine this marvelous experience!  Hopefully she will have more opportunities to model or assist in your fashion shows. She enjoyed the whole experience and definitely learned a lot.

The show was absolutely amazing all the model did a fantastic job.  congratulations on a very successful 45th anniversary! Glad to have meet such a remarkable person. Looking forward to enrolling my 8yr daughter next year!

Thank you again,

Jessica Diaz


I remember I had never even been to a fashion show before. I was so excited to get to work the show and at that point I made up my mind I wanted to do more and get involved. You played such a huge role my life and I am so very blessed to not only have worked for you but also to have learned so much from you. You quickly became my mentor, at times my “Mama Susan”(very protective 😊) and my friend.

I miss so much the days just getting to go to your house & organize! Haha. You are so much fun to be around no matter what it is we are doing. Cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me. Not only did I learn about the Fashion Industry, but also the importance of work ethic. I learned quickly from you how important is to be reliable and professional in everything I do.

My schedule may be crazy now (which I blame you for, it’s your fault I love to have a million jobs at once! Haha 😜) and I hate that I never have time to work any shows, but I know you will always be a forever friend to me.

Thanks again for everything you have done, for giving me an amazing opportunity and playing a major role in my life.

Congrats on 45 years!!!!

Love & miss you!!!

Thanks!   Tiffany Finch – former intern

WE are so very pleased as always! She Loved Every Minute of the Class, and was always anxious to get there on time, and soak up all the information.  Thank you so much for everything… I know the fashion show will be a Great Success!

Also…Thank you Ms. Susan for sharing your talents not only with our 3 girls…but, with the World as well.  You give them  a sense of accomplishment and confidence to these teenagers, and that gift is priceless!

Kathy    –   Mom of spring 2016 student

I attended your workshop at Dillard’s at the Forum Mall around 1988 and still walk up and down stairs as I was instructed all those years ago.  I remember my headshot and all the details of selecting an outfit and walking the runway for our Fashion Show.  It made a lasting impression on me then and I am so grateful my mom invested in that opportunity for me.  I look forward to doing the same for my own daughter.

Happy former student!

You taught me so much about carrying myself with class and grace. I’ve remembered what you taught me all these years (yes, really, all 25 years!!) and your lessons have never failed me. Thank you Susan, and happy happy anniversary xoxo

Jamie Webster


My best! Overjoyed at how far we’ve come together! Meeting you three years ago was one of the best days of my life bc I was able to celebrate your 45th year of doing fashion, this past weekend!

The best is yet to come for you and I’m excited to be apart of your journey! Happy 45th anniversary of Girls & Style, Girls & Beauty!

Kellie Heath


Congratulations Susan on the 45 years of teaching etiquette and fashion!

I remember when I first started your classes. I was 11 years old and I was super shy. I remember you and Vicki would have to keep telling me to keep my head up. Through the 8 years of taking your classes I have learned so much. You taught me about manners, how to sit right, how to walk right, and you gave me the opportunity to find my confidence.

Your classes helped me make a lot great friends and good connections. The classes helped me out so much over the years on things I never thought it would. (I can hear you in the back of my head every now and then saying, “keep those shoulders back.”)  Now that I’m technically too old to take your classes you let me help out with them and it’s my favorite part of the year. You’re such a happy and a energetic person that you make the many hours working on shows and taping shoes fun. 
Thank you so much for all your guidance in life, being my second mom, and giving me the opportunity to be a part of classes and team. I can’t wait for this year!

Melissa Kube

Working with Susan Huston has been a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for my daughter, Kayla. Kayla absolutely loves the Girls & Style, Girls & Beauty Workshop program.  It has impacted her life and has taught her etiquette, confidence, and introduced her to the world of modeling. Kayla has been part of the program for the last 3 years and will continue until she finishes high school because she loves the program and has learned so much about fashion.

Susan is a joy to work with! She is extremely professional, sweet and a wealth of knowledge. Congratulations Susan to 45 years of teaching lifelong skills!

Thank you for all that you have done to inspire and encourage Kayla.

Kayla’s Mom

Dear Susan,

My name is Kristen Mangus.  I took your course nearly 30 years ago in the Dillard’s Runway to Beauty Charm School. I’m very excited at the ability for my girls to perhaps take your course still! Could you please out us on the call back list for your Basic A course please? It would be for my daughter.  She will be 9 then. I do have another daughter who will be 7 then but of course she could wait.
I would like to tell you what a lasting impact your course has made in my life. Through beauty pageants, modeling in my younger years, many dinners, theater and so much more, I’ve been able to refer back to my training. Even skin, hair and beauty tips have served me well and I have told people about your Charm School. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you very much.

Kristen Mangus, Fort Worth, Texas

My Susan Huston Story:

Growing up shy, Susan’s classes provided me with confidence, knowledge, and the determination to pursue a modeling career.  Susan is the full package – she teaches her students how to stand with great posture, enter and exit a car gracefully, make healthy eating choices, properly apply makeup, pose for a picture, walk down a runway, and so much more. With Susan’s knowledge of the fashion and modeling industry, she gave me the necessary skills, information, and determination to sign with a Dallas modeling agency. After Susan’s insistence that we “practice, practice, practice!” our runway walks, I turned my living room hallway into my own runway, and made practicing my runway walk a daily ritual. This persistence paid off, and after signing with Kim Dawson in 2009, I will never forget the moment when Lisa Dawson, president of the Kim Dawson Agency, walked up to me backstage after walking my first fashion show as a professional model, and said you me “you sure do not look like a newbie!” Without Susan’s teaching and experience from her classes and fashion shows, I would not have been at the level I was at when I started modeling professionally.

Knowing Susan and taking her classes has truly been a blessing, both in my personal and professional life.  Susan has remained a great friend, mentor, and role model to me after all these years.  Susan can truly provide you experience in many areas of the fashion industry.  During my time with Susan, I served as student, intern, dresser, and model.  Susan will take you under her wing and teach you everything she knows – valuable lessons and skills for young girls to blossom into confidant women.  Any girl taking Susan’s classes will benefit from Susan’s high energy and charm, knowledge and experience of etiquette, modeling, and fashion, and desire to share her passion for life by helping young girls grow into their full potential.



Claire VanBeber, New York City, New York

It’s been a long time since I’ve said hi. I just wanted to thank you.

I met you when I was a young aspiring model. I was what, 12? I remember awkwardly trying to understand heels and makeup (which is still a mystery), learning etiquette and other things. I believe you were aware that I never had much female influence in my life. And honestly, you came to my rescue. You would stay after class with me to critique my walk. You gave me opportunities that I would have never dreamed of. And then, all the times you had me as a dresser at fashion shows, I learned valuable details about the industry and runway shows.

I remember one time you had to get on to me about my tardiness and behavior with my phone at a show. At the time I was broken over the emails and in tears, but now I’m very thankful for it. You were basically a mother to me.
Well I’m somewhat grown up now. And thanks to you I am where I am. I know how to hold myself like a lady, I can strut my walk with confidence, and I am who I am because of you and Vicki and the class. And now I am a commercial and soon-to-be runway model at The Clutts Agency, Inc. in Dallas.

So thank you so much for everything. You, Vicki and everyone in the class had such an impact on me and I’ll always remember it. I hope you’re doing well and would love to see you sometime!!

Much love,

Shelbie Bowling, Arlington, Texas

This was so much fun! I did this for 3 years! I learned so much from it! Susan Huston is such a lovely lady and loved spending time with her and all the other ladies and learning how to pose and walk and all the other things she taught us! I truly miss it! It was such a just experience! I suggest this to anyone that loves or is interested in something like this! Also you can make friends or see your old ones lol! I did I reunited with Tori Flanagan!

Julia Mckenzie Cashion, Fort Worth, Texas

My biggest role model Susan Huston! She has made such a huge impact of many women’s lives over the past 45 years with her talent and love for fashion, including mine. Transforming girls into strong, confident women is what she is all about. Love getting to work beside her, learning all there is to know about fashion!

Kellie Heath, Keller, Texas

This is the amazing woman that gave me my confidence on the runway when I was a little girl with severe Trichotillomania and no friends. She ended up not being able to get rid of me until I got married and moved away lol.

Thank you,Susan, for everything that you’ve done to give girls confidence.

Anna Tozzi Barbay, Chesapeake, Virginia

I am sending this as a story for you, Susan, about the first class I taught for you.  One of the subjects were manners and etiquette and rather than do strictly lecture, I would ask the girls “Name some bad manners” The older girls were saying  “gossiping” or “talking while you are eating” and the middle school girls were saying “shouting rude things” or “ignoring someone/not including them” but I realized that I had some adjusting to do when it came to the youngest group of girls; their answers were “kicking”, “biting” and ” pulling hair”.  I definitely agreed with all of these answers LOL!

The other adjustment I had to make was getting the younger group to raise their hand instead of running up and grabbing me around the legs to ask or answer a question. I loved it though.  The connection with the girls and seeing them blossom over the course was so very special.

Your success is due entirely to your own ability to make things happen and surround yourself with the best people but that is because you have the ability to bring out the best in us.

I know I am better for knowing you and working with you. Accept all the Kudos that you are due for your accomplishments and CELEBRATE Big Time.

Love to you.  Betty Jacobs, Former Instructor and Susan Huston Model

Hey Susan — LOVE the flyer! Of course I am HONORED  So happy to be a part of your story!  You will always be the best and hold a special place in my heart/story.  Congratulations on an amazing 45 years and for impacting the lives of so many.

Xoxo, your modeling daughter Claire

Claire VanBeber, New York City, New York

Congratulations to Susan Huston on 45 successful years of mentoring young women!!

My girl got her start in the fashion industry through Susan’s Girls&Style, Girls&Beauty workshop.

Anne VanBeber,  Arlington, Texas.  Mother of NYC & International Model, Claire VanBeber.

I look back on the workshops fondly.  The experience helped me during an age when my confidence in myself was unsure.  I had fun, made friends and loved feeling beautiful and confident for the fashion show.  I specifically remember Susan having high standards for us and holding us accountable.

Although, I was not tall enough to go into the field professionally, I use the skills still today as I enter college and career.  I was able to list the workshop and special engagement opportunities on applications for scholarships and was proud to be a part of something so reputable.

THANK YOU, Susan Huston!


Amber Greenwood, Arlington, Texas

Congratulations on 45 years of fabulous workshops helping thousands of people feel more confident about themselves and their surroundings.  What a Labor of Love… What a tremendous legacy to share with others. You should be Very Proud!

Thank you again for all you have done for my girls as well as thousands of others over the years.  Hope you have a Special Day planned to celebrate your success.  You deserve it!

I have passed your information on to many over the years, with great pride.

I have a fun story for you.  Elise, my 2nd daughter (now 16), attended your workshop probably 3 years ago.  After it ended… my husband and I had a Black Tie affair (w/dinner) to attend in Southlake.  Last minute… our youngest daughter developed a high fever the afternoon of the event.  Therefore, I could not attend…so, Elise went in my place.  She was confident, and felt prepared because she knew which glass was hers…which bread/butter plate to use at her place setting…and which fork went with the appropriate course!  It was a Great SUCCESS!!!  What added to the evening was, the bosses Wife… who sat next to Elise… also attended an Etiquette Class early in life.  This gave them a Lot to talk about over Dinner.

You, Ms. Huston were the Hero and didn’t even know it!  Thank you so much.  In my business life, I attended many affairs such as this one… thank goodness my mother was right on top of things.  However, I have learned over the years… strong, determined girls seem to learn some things… best from others.  Thank you for being part of my “Village” because my favorite saying is “it takes a Village” to get things done sometimes.

I think you can see Why I really want Julia to attend your class again.

I hope one day my girls can pass the Etiquette opportunity on to their own children.  However, I can hold on to that dream for another 10 yrs., after college and blossoming careers.

Did I mention how much they Loved being part of the Runway show as well?  It was truly a Highlight!

Kathryn McCann, Colleyville, Texas

Mrs. Huston’s Girls & Style Class gave me the knowledge and advice that has helped me in everything I do today. I took both basic and advanced classes and learned so much. Her classes taught me how to be elegant and professional. Mrs. Huston has helped me start my modeling career as well. Thanks to Mrs. Huston, I was able to find a modeling agency called Wallflower Management. Mrs. Huston taught me what I needed to know, and because of her, I have been happily signed with Wallflower for over two years now. I couldn’t thank her enough for how much time and devotion she puts into her classes and her students. I highly recommend Susan Huston’s Girls & Style class, it has changed my life and made me personally more professional as a person.

Olivia Reynolds   Arlington, Texas

Awww Susan

Congratulations on 45 years! You have truly been one of the most inspirational people in my life and I wish to one day be like you. I’m always open whenever you need me and if you ever need a model or dresser for ANYTHING you let me know. Miss you bunches!

PS I think I’m old enough to be in bridal shows now

Again, Congratulations!

Micah Mauderer, Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Ms. Huston:

I am writing to you today to thank you for the informative and fun workshop.  It helped me to learn modeling basics and much more, which will help me begin pursuing a professional modeling career. Your class is a perfect start for anyone thinking of a career in fashion.


Jill Phelps, Grapevine, Texas

Dear Mrs. Huston:

Thank you for teaching such a fun class.  I had so much fun and learned so many interesting tips.  I’ll use them all my life.  I’m looking forward to more cool tips and training when I come back to class next spring!


Mary Sloan, Fort Worth, Texas

Ms. Huston,

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your workshop. I had so much fun, met new friends and learned lifetime skills. I loved the workshop I took several years ago.  I really do believe that this workshop contributed to me winning several teen pageants because of what you taught me with proper manners, modeling skills and interviewing skills.

Joan Beachump, Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Miss Susan:

Thank you for the wonderful lessons you and Miss Vicki taught me. I am only 8 years old, but know how important what you are teaching is for all girls.  I will be back in class next February.

Thank you Miss Susan for what you do for girls.

Tiffany Cloves, Fort Worth, Texas

Susan, to this day I do my manicures, exit vehicles, and negotiate staircases exactly the way you taught me!  Hugs!!

Jamie Norton Webster, Denton, Texas